ARTISAN GOAT'S CHEESE CROQUETAS 600g tray (12 units) - Served in San Sebastian´s Top Pintxo Bars



Spanish Goat's Cheese Croquetas

These are a world away from the frozen potato affairs you find skulking at the bottom of supermarket freezers. You'll find these croquetas gracing some of the best pintxos bars in San Sebastian. These are entirely hand-made not with potato but with a thick bechamel made from the local milk of the region. Hand rolled and coated in breadcrumbs they are made using the best ingredients. In this case using local goat's cheese.

Making your own croquetas is great fun but this not only takes out some of the hard labour but ensure your getting the authentic croquetas experience made with top quality Spanish ingredients.
They make a perfect tapas or pintxos, just deep fry from frozen in medium hot oil until golden brown on the outside or shallow fry in small batches, turning often, until a lovely, crunchy golden colour for 3-5 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve immediately.

Come frozen in trays of 12 croquetas of approx. 50g each. Cook from frozen.


Name: Artisan Cheese Croquetas Ingredients: Milk, Goats Cheese ( Pasteurized goats milk, Vegetable oil, Salt, Lactic Ferments, Microbial Rennet, White Mold Crops, Thickener E401), Bread Crumbs, Wheat Flour, Butter, Colorant (facula, soy protein, salt, lupine flour, phosphate E451, guar flour, sorbic acid E200, natural dyes E160c, E101ii), Salt and white pepper Net Weight: Drained Weight: Storage: Keep frozen Best Before: See Label
Allergens: Milk, Flour, Soya, Lupines, Gluten

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