The first and only PREMIUM chips made in EVOO.

The best quality potatoes, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Pajarera" variety and a pinch of sea salt, result in an authentic tasting experience. All the flavor of the best oil in an extremely crunchy bite. Go for it and try!

Patatas fritas Hispania!

Have you ever tried a snack that makes you mouth-watering, a snack that the only thing you have in mind is to have more and more? Well that´s how you´ll feel when you put your hands on one of this bad boys 🍟


Potatoes, salt (0,8%) and Premium "Pajarera" variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil (40%).

Crisps with no Allergens

Gluten free

Preservatives free

Additives free


Store in a cool and dry place. Packed in protective atmosphere.

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